Cute Small Dog Names are Girl & Boy Baby Names

Try cute dog names for small dogs. These include teacup puppies, toy dogs; & Shih Tzu, Poodle, Dachshund, Terrier, Yorkie, Beagle, small breed mixes & personality mutts.

Teacup Puppies, Toy Dogs, Small Breed Mix or Any Personality Pup

Try cute dog names for small dogs. These include teacup puppies, toy dogs; & Shih Tzu, Poodle, Dachshund, Terrier, Yorkie, Beagle, small breed mixes & personality mutts.

Check out some cute small dog names that are also human names used for girl babies and boy babies. These names work well for teacup puppies, toy dogs, like Shih Tzu, Poodle, Dachshund, Boston Terrier, Yorkie, and Beagle puppies. And, they’re good for small breed mixes or any cute mutts with personality.

Cute Names

Many dog lovers are giving their puppies regular people names because, well, they are little fur-babies and are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. Just make sure that a puppy’s name is not close to the name of a human family member, or the pup will show up whenever one calls the human’s name.

Dog Names

Dog experts have some tips for dog names. One or two syllable names are easiest for a puppy to learn. Many trainers say that the easiest name for a dog to understand has two syllables and ends in a vowel, like Kona or Lassie, and these words are also the easiest to say.

Some dog lovers don’t like to give their puppies a name from the top ten dog names because 50 dogs may show up for dinner when someone calls for Max. On the other hand, the most popular names are popular for a reason. Usually, the top names are easy (and not embarrassing) to yell out loud at a dog park.

Cool Names

Try picking a few names from this list or other lists, then play with the new pup baby and see which name the dog seems to respond to. If the puppy doesn’t seem to care about any of them, then the owner should just pick one that he or she likes.

The puppy will learn to love the new name if the owner doesn’t use the name when scolding or disciplining. It’s best to use the pup’s name when playing or training, and other occasions where there are positive rewards like cuddles or food.

Girl Names for Dogs

Lots of dog lovers are naming their pooches just like they were family; well they are. Sometimes, it’s nice to go for something different. Anyone can have a Maggie, but a Yoko, hey that’s hip.

Here are some names (and their meanings) that seem to be a natural fit for small, smaller, tiny, toy, and teacup puppies:

  • Aggie (chaste, pure), Amber (golden), Angel (messenger), Annie (favored), Asta (love), Ava (life, full of life), Avis (little bird)
  • Bambi (means little girl in Italian), Bella (top ten name, beautiful), Betsy (my God is a vow), Blossom (flower), Bluebell (blue flower), Bonnie (pretty)
  • Cindy (light), Coco (Chanel)
  • Daisy (flower), Deedee (dark color), Dixie (strong power, thickset), Dolly (Hello Dolly, gift of God), Dottie (gift from God)
  • Genie (of noble descent), Gidget (girl + midget), Gigi (worker of the earth), Gina (garden)
  • Kitty (pure)
  • Lolly (like lollipop)
  • Maggie (top ten name, pearl), Mia (short form of Maria, uncertain), Midge (a little person), Milly (strength), Mimi (uncertain)
  • Nancy (grace, favorite of God), Nell (Little Nell, pity)
  • Paris (a beautiful prince in Greek mythology but used for girls also, Poppy (poppy flower)
  • Stella (star), Sunny (filled with sunlight)
  • Taffy (beloved), Tilly (powerful battler), Tina (can mean either: follower of Christ or little one), Tippi (Swedish nickname for Tupsa and means sweetheart), Tipper (wife of Al Gore, good for wobbly dogs)
  • Yoko (honored child)
  • Zsa Zsa (pronounced Jhah Jhah, with a soft ā€œJā€) would be a great name for Poodle puppies

Boy Names for Dogs

Lots of dog moms and doggie daddies like to give cute unique human names to their little boy dogs, like Teacup Yorkies.

  • Aldo, Alf, Alfie, Andre, Andy, Arty
  • Ben, Benji (rent the movie), Bud
  • Cecil (blind, good for a dog who bumps into things), Corky (hill hollow)
  • Danny (God is my judge), Dante (enduring, obstinate, pronounce it Don-Tay), Desi (longed for), Dudley (woods or clearing in the Dudda woods)
  • Elmo (helmet), Enzo (uncertain, home ruler)
  • Felix (happy, lucky, fortunate; especially good for Boston Terriers because they have markings like Felix the Cat, but cute for all small dogs), Figgy (fun to say)
  • Gus (stave of the Goths, Gustav sounds big, but Gus sounds smaller)
  • Howie (sheep herder, pig guarder, high warden)
  • Iggie (short for Ignatius, ardent, burning), Ike (diminutive of Isaac, laughter), Izzy (gift of Isis, also used as a nickname for Isabella)
  • Jack (top ten name, God is gracious)
  • Kenny (good looking, name from South Park), Kermit (son of the one without envy), Kipper (a pointed hill)
  • Mel (black), Melvin (uncertain, possibly bad town), Mickey (who is like God?), Milo (uncertain, perhaps peaceful), Monty (Gomeric’s Hill, hill of the power of man)
  • Newt (short for Newton, new settlement, new town)
  • Odie (Woad Hill, Woad is a plant), Opie (from Andy Griffith Show), Ozzie or Ozzy (divine spear)
  • Pablo (small, humble), Puck (from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”), Pupster (just a darn good dog name)
  • Reggie (ruler with counsel), Regis (king), Robbie (bright fame, good for a dog who sneaks food)
  • Webster (weaver), Wiley (trapper or hunter)
  • Ziggy (victory protection)

It’s such fun to come up with a really good name for a puppy. Potential owners should look around online until they find something just right. Small dogs make great friends.

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