How to Cut Pet Food Costs

If you’re looking for ways to cut pet food costs while still showering your pet with love, try some of these tips.

Giving food and treats are prime ways pet owners shower their pets with love, often spending more on edible bags and cans of ‘love’ for their pets than they spend on their on food. If you’re looking for ways to cut pet food costs while still showering your pet with love, try some of these tips.

Feed Pets Less Food

This is not cruel, feeding a pet less food can actually make the pet healthier and prolong its life. If the pet’s ribs can not be seen or easily felt, then the pet would benefit from shedding a couple of pounds by eating less food.

Most pet food labels recommend the amount of food to be fed to a pet which is a young, unspayed, unneutered adult. These pets burn more calories per day than an older spayed or neutered adult pet, and feeding the older pets the recommended amount can result in an obese pet. Purchase the pet food of choice in bulk sizes and feed pets less food, they’ll be healthier and it will cut pet food costs.

Use Leftover People Food to Supplement Pet’s Diet

Not all people food is bad for pets, and thinking twice before tossing out leftover will help cut pet food costs. Designate a lidded bowl in the refrigerator and add acceptable leftover people food to the bowl and use that to supplement the pet’s diet. Mix the contents of the bowl with high quality pet food each day for a healthy, cost lowering pet diet.

Chopped broccoli stems, leftover cooked carrots, green beans and scrambled eggs are healthy people food to add to the pet food bowl. Whole grains and some fruits (no grapes or raisins) are also healthy foods for pets. The end pieces of whole wheat breads or toast crust are perfect to use to supplement the pet’s diet. Leftover bites of lean meats are also an acceptable addition to the leftover bowl to supplement the pet’s diet.

A small bag of pet treats can cost more per pound than top quality steak. Slices of apples, bananas and baby carrots are healthy, lost cost alternatives to pet treats that will help keep the pet’s digestive system healthy. When any type of treats are given to pets, practice portion control by breaking larger treat pieces into tiny pieces. One apple slice or Milk Bone Dog Biscuit can be broken into several smaller pieces to prolong treat time, control caloric intake and cut pet food costs.

Feeding a pet less food, supplementing pet food with acceptable leftover people food and buying pet food in bulk sizes will help to cut pet food costs.

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