What Waste System to Use for Indoor Dogs

Having a dog door and training a puppy to go outside to use the bathroom can be difficult. Dog training pads and litter boxes can make training a puppy much easier.

Differences Between Dog Training Pads and Dog Litter Boxes

Adding a door for a dog can be dangerous if there is not a fenced in yard. When adding a dog door is not possible then having a litter box or a training pad can make the waste clean up much simpler.
Dog Training Pads

Dog training pads are sold at most grocery stores and all pet specialty stores. The main use for the pads is to train puppies not to waste on the carpet or for the working family that has to leave the dog at home all day.

The training pads are made out of absorbing material that will soak up urine and other waste that might occur. Clean-up is made simple by just folding the pad around the waste and throwing it into the trash can.

Adult dogs and puppies are known to sometimes miss the training pad and waste next to it on the floor. This is a main reason why putting down more than one training pad and keeping the pads on a hard floor surface is important.

Training pads are inexpensive and come in packages that hold from ten to one hundred training pads.

Dog Litter Boxes

Dog litter boxes are not as popular as the training pads. The new design of litter boxes for dogs are not anything like cat litter boxes because there is not any litter.

Dog litter boxes or waste systems range in size and are low to the ground. A dog steps onto a grated plastic lid and urinates through the grates to newspaper underneath. Solid waste stays on top of the grated lid.

Cleaning up the waste from a dog waste system is also made easy because the grated lid is removable. When there is solid waste all one has to do is remove the lid and dump the solid waste onto the newspaper that is inside the waste system.

The new dog litter boxes or waste systems keeps a dog’s paws from tracking waste around the house. The waste systems reduce trash and allow for one to recycle his or her newspaper by staying at home.

The price of dog waste systems are more expensive than a package of training pads because one doesn’t need to buy a new one every month. Dog waste systems can be found at some pet specialty stores and online.

How to Choose Which is Best for You and Your Dog

When a fenced backyard and a dog door is available, then a training pad or waste system might not be needed. But for the rainy days or the pet parents that aren’t able to have a dog door, training pads or waste systems are necessary.

  • Researching training pad and waste system facts are important before adopting or buying a puppy.
  • Starting out on training pads will also show a dog parent how his or her dog reacts.
  • Some puppies like to tear up the training pads in which a dog waste system – litter box – is necessary.
  • Putting the last training pad a dog used into the new waste system will show the dog that the litter box is the new place to potty.

Having a strictly indoor dog is possible with training pads or waste systems. Researching and the trial and error scenerio will help one choose which is right for his or her dog.

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